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Hello and welcome to the 2020 season!

Posted 5/5/2020 9:35pm by Andy Watson.

We wanted to send out a little update from the farm this week for some reminders. We sent out an email a few days ago to the members that are getting a Spring Share this Thursday. If you got plants from us and this week is your delivery date, we will have them at the pickup sites. They will have your name on the box as well as an invoice with what you ordered. Please, please, please take them into your house overnight Thursday and don't rush to get things planted quite yet. Tender plants like basil, peppers, and tomatoes will get severely damaged on Friday when it is supposed to drop below 32F. We are keeping all our tender plants in the warm greenhouse and you should too.

The main season CSA boxes don't start until the first week of June. Every other week boxes start either the first week or the second week of June. We will be sending out another email in a week or two letting you know which week your EOW share will be delivered. It will be either the ODD numbered weeks or the EVEN numbered weeks. We will also send you a reminder that you can take a picture of or print to keep handy in case you are not sure which week you pick up. We also send out an e-newsletter on Wednesday nights with a reminder as well. 

Please email if you have any questions and we will try to get back in a timely fashion. We are busy cramming cool weather crops in the ground, working fields while it is dry, laying fabric for warm weather crops, planting in the greenhouse every week for multiple plantings and getting hundreds of plants labeled and ready for your home gardens and containers. 

Thanks so much for all the support this season so far. We filled our CSA to capacity which was badly needed with the loss of our markets and pizza nights being just for carryout. It has been great to see the community come together to help support us and other local farms and businesses in the area. We are very excited for this season. Now, we just have to contend with mother nature and one nasty virus!

Market share holders, you should have received an email in the last 24 hours with a gift card code to use at our store. We will more than likely start adding produce to the store on a weekly basis starting next week. It has been a little cool and things have paused for a few days. Let us know if you have any questions regarding the market shares this season since they are a little different.

Again, let us know if you have any questions. Send them to me, Andy, 

at, andy@macwatson.net or through the website. 

Thanks again and you will hear from us soon!

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