Everything you wanted to know about Sprouting Acres Work Shares and more!

  • Enjoy the serene, outdoor environment while getting a good work out on the farm

  • Learn how and why the food is better, fresh off the farm

  • Flexible scheduling available; just 3 1/2 hours of work in exchange for a box of delicious produce


Hello and welcome to the 2022 growing season at Sprouting Acres. We will begin planting in the greenhouse in the next few months and hoping for warmer spring days. This is our 15th year utilizing worker shares on our farm and each year we get more and more people interested in participating. Just for a refresher, you will be working a set number of hours on our farm in exchange for vegetables.

Workers must commit to working 3 ½ hours per week. All new workshares will start with a trial shift. You will work your first shift with Andy and we will let you know within 3 days if you are a good fit for the farm. You may indicate your preferred schedule on the application link. We try out hardest to honor your preferred shifts but we also need to spread out our work shares throughout the week. If you have a week you need to take off, please let us know in advance so that we can plan ahead with the farm chores and tasks. You must reschedule your shift at a different time with Andy. You must also make up missed shifts at some point during the season. Either two shifts in one week or extend the 20 week or 10 week season. Missing more than two shifts without sufficient heads up to Andy will result in not being asked back to work.

We do ask that rescheduling be kept to a minimum as we rely on you and others to help us keep up with the daily demands that a farm requires. Please call or email if you cannot make your shift. Please call or text instead of emailing if it is within a day of your shift.

As a workshare, you will be involved in many aspects of the farm. Some of the tasks you may be part of are: transplanting, weeding, cutting, harvesting, washing & bagging vegetables, bunching veggies, and packing CSA boxes. The variety of veggies is limited very early on in the season but we have all the fixings for salad, and numerous herbs and a bit of asparagus. As the season progresses, there is much more variety and you will receive a generous amount. You will receive a box of vegetables, comparable to that of our paying members, for each work session. The work share arrangement is a learning opportunity and we will work closely with you to maximize your knowledge and skills that you need to be productive. Some returning work shares may be working on the farm while we are delivering or at a market. As the summer progresses; we may be on the farm but not working directly with you. Working outdoors, with an amazing crew, is always one of the highlights for us; we are really looking forward to meeting and working with you this season.

If you are interested in applying for a work share opportunity with Sprouting Acres, please

fill out the application below and send back to us. We will be in contact with you shortly.